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GL Studio functions through an object-orientation framework that produces self-contained, smart graphical elements called Reusable Software Objects (RSO). An RSO includes both the appearance and behavior of the object coupled with a well defined interface. These RSOs are easily merged into master design projects by integration teams to support large modular designs. The RSO is a valuable corporate asset that enhances the “build once, use again” philosophy of total product lifecycle support.

Aero Pack

A collection of 19 generic high resolution aviation instruments.

Auto Pack

A collection of 25 generic high resolution automotive instruments.

Test Equipment Pack

A collection of 6 generic pieces of test equipment.

Digital Pack I

A collection of 13 generic digital aviation instruments.

Digital Pack II

A collection of 5 generic digital aviation Multi function display pages.

Generic Pack

A collection of 28 generic instruments and controls both analog and digital.

Texture Pack

A collection of 10 high resolution digital textures.

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