GL Studio DX


GLS_DX_IMG_01With GL Studio DX, developers have the ability to match the functionality they love from GL Studio with the DirectX features they need to build high-fidelity graphics and fully interactive controls.This entry-level option contains all of the basic elements necessary for creating feature-rich and interactive graphical user interfaces. The virtual components and environments created with GL Studio DX deliver significant benefits including:

  • Reduced production and training costs
  • Accelerated production cycles
  • Created content supports the total product
    development lifecycle
  • Increased safety
  • Increased number of students who can train simultaneously
  • Improved learning and retention


  • C++ Code Generator
  • Interface from PSD images
  • Document generation
  • Python scripting support
  • Multi-thread and
    multi-core support
  • Fully programmable
    graphics pipeline


  • Knobs
  • Switches
  • Push buttons
  • Odometers
  • Multi-touch input
  • Animation tweeners
    and controllers
  • Support for DirectX


  • Unicode text
  • Nine patch graphics
  • Animation support


  • Object-Oriented
  • Lumen runtime for
    DirectX 9.0
  • Windows
GL Studio is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) development toolkit that allows users to create rich 2D and 3D interactive graphics with Object-Oriented behavior embedded in each software object. The core of GL Studio’s success is the Reusable Software Object (RSO); not only can you program in Object-Oriented languages within the GL Studio Editor, you can also generate Object-Oriented code that makes calls to the OpenGL-based implementations in our libraries.You have the ability to generate human readable C++ source code, which is used to build RSOs. As the RSOs are developed in-house and logically sectioned off from the parent designs, they become valuable corporate assets that developers can use from one program to another. This allows companies to reduce development costs and maximize profits.

GL Studio DX is a DirectX-based application.

Hardware Requirements:

  • OpenGL Accelerated Graphics Card (NVidia recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM or better
  • 1GHz Processor or better
  • Optional: sound card capable of reproducing
    digitized audio

Software Requirements:

  • GL Utility Libraries (GLU) version 1.2 or later
  • A supported C++ Compiler
  • DirectX v9.0

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