3rd Party Plug-ins

GLS_Plugins_IMG_01GL Studio produces self-contained smart graphical elements called Reusable Software Objects (RSO). An RSO includes both the appearance and behavior of the object coupled with a well-defined interface. The capabilities of GL Studio 3rd party products leverage RSO’s to ensure that any application, project or program begins with high fidelity and high performance objects that are reused to produce exceptional results. DiSTI provides turnkey integration with the following products to allow you to work more efficiently.
Expand your Mathwork’s Simulink® project functionality by easily adding feature-rich graphical interface displays and controls from GL Studio. The GL Studio components easily drop into the Simulink canvas and connect to data without any coding. In just a few clicks you’re up and running! GL Studio Blockset for Simulinks controls and indicators for aerospace, automotive and industrial.
GL Studio allows users the ability to integrate RSOs (Resuable Software Objects) and other content into the VR-Vantage visual solution. In essence, GL Studio RSOs provide the graphical interface, including graphical overlays and heads-up displays, to MÄK’s Vantage IG. In turn, VR-Vantage seamlessly integrates the display and interaction of RSOs into the rest of a simulation.
Powered by Presagis’ Vega Prime 3D visualization toolkit, the GLS Vega Prime Plug-In allows users to quickly insert HMI content into fully immersive virtual reality environments, giving users an unprecedented level of interactivity. Fully integrated with Vega Prime and the LynX Prime configuration tool, users rapidly add components ranging from multi-function displays and heads-up displays without the need to write additional code. The plug-in can take advantage of externally developed GL Studio objects allowing users to insert content built for other discipline areas into their visualization device. Properties within the GL Studio objects can control, or be controlled by, the other objects in the Vega Prime environment.
With GL Studio’s Statemate plug-in, users can incorporate IBM Rational® Statemate solutions into their projects to ensure the smooth combination of an efficient logic engine with the high-fidelity graphics to ultimately reduce overall development costs. The Statemate solution is a graphical design, simulation, and prototyping tool for the rapid development of complex embedded systems. It enables users to specify systems in a non-ambiguous manner, assisting in finding errors early in the design lifecycle, prior to final integration testing.Use IBM Rational’s Statemate solution to create graphical models of systems, highlight active states, simulate incomplete designs and provide mockups. Then, using various inputs affected by the Statemate’s math models, the Statemate plug-in will transition these values into GL Studio.

The GL Studio EP2 3.0 plug-in allows users of Rockwell Collins’ EP2 technology to use GL Studio created Reusable Software Objects (RSOs) with the EP2 symbology plug-in architecture, providing high fidelity interface displays and symbology to the EP2 image generators.Rockwell Collins provides a variety of EP2 image generation systems to match any design need. For more information on EP2 technology, visit Rockwell Collins EP2.

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